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Do you have a brilliant feature suggestion or an important topic you'd like to open for discussion? - The Citizen Council is here for you! Suggested topics will be open for Community discussion for at least seven days. The Council will then discuss them and vote to decide which topics needs to be raised in their meeting with the Tau Station development team.

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Suggestions for Improved Coretechs Storage Listing
Author: Cayce-1018 / comments: 3
201.87/61:961 GCT
The Course of International Relations
Author: FeiYi / comments: 3
201.87/61:794 GCT
Proper tutorial please
Author: Gillian / comments: 2
201.87/61:757 GCT
Please pursue shops
Author: Bob-Simpson / comments: 3
201.87/60:684 GCT
Search for Yeti/Bigfoot/LochNessMonster . . . and maybe even blueprints . . .
Author: Bob-Simpson / comments: 0
201.84/87:907 GCT
Author: Shadow / comments: 0
201.83/97:701 GCT
Kudos - ('me likes it')
Author: Bob-Simpson / comments: 0
201.78/86:041 GCT
Citizen Council: 2019-03-27 Meeting - Information for All
Author: Xierumeng / comments: 0
201.75/71:206 GCT