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Do you have a brilliant feature suggestion or an important topic you'd like to open for discussion? - The Citizen Council is here for you! Suggested topics will be open for Community discussion for at least seven days. The Council will then discuss them and vote to decide which topics needs to be raised in their meeting with the Tau Station development team.

Post Last Post
Interactive combat suggestion
Author: Shadow / comments: 1
205.96/80:919 GCT by Shadow
[SUGGESTION] Progress Bars
Author: Grahm / comments: 2
205.96/80:796 GCT by Shadow
Syndicate Admin. Facilities
Author: Bob-Simpson / comments: 1
205.96/80:601 GCT by Shadow
Suggestion: Ideas on crafting . . .
Author: Bob-Simpson / comments: 1
205.96/80:426 GCT by Shadow
[Suggestion] Vendor market interface
Author: Shippougami / comments: 1
205.96/80:276 GCT by Shadow
System and Station design (colour) differentiation
Author: Sotheryn / comments: 4
205.96/80:057 GCT by Shadow
Suggestion: Item Selling Alteration
Author: SquentleVoss / comments: 0
205.78/85:784 GCT by SquentleVoss
Mission: Everybody Loves a Clown
Author: GummyBear / comments: 0
205.76/28:443 GCT by GummyBear
Suggestion [Mission for dual citizenship]
Author: SC90 / comments: 1
205.52/76:479 GCT by Shadow
[Urgent Suggestion] More University Courses
Author: Perleone / comments: 2
205.50/84:491 GCT by Shadow
[SUGGESTION] Warning on low phy stats when initiating combat
Author: Grahm / comments: 1
205.41/15:213 GCT by Shadow
Minutes from 2020-03-28 meeting
Author: Shadow / comments: 0
205.20/91:865 GCT by Shadow
[suggestion] "New" flags
Author: Shadow / comments: 1
205.16/86:374 GCT by Shadow
[suggestion] Criminal Career
Author: Nevah / comments: 1
205.15/79:946 GCT by Shadow
[suggestion - syndicate buildings] Art Gallery + Library
Author: Nevah / comments: 1
205.12/83:341 GCT by Shadow
(suggestion) workshop syn building
Author: dryed / comments: 1
205.12/83:216 GCT by Shadow
[Suggestion] Show list of currently rented hotel rooms
Author: Perleone / comments: 2
205.12/83:121 GCT by Shadow
[Suggestion] Cooldowns in Profile
Author: Grahm / comments: 2
205.12/82:957 GCT by Shadow
Idea: extra VIP from Freebooters?
Author: Dotsent / comments: 6
205.12/82:845 GCT by Shadow
Bad (or good) outcomes for DW and station-specific reputation.
Author: Anola / comments: 8
205.12/82:731 GCT by Shadow