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Tau Station Tips


Let’s start with a tip about one of the most important things for survival: food!

Instant Stat Refresh & Well-Fed

The consumption of a ration replenishes all your stats, including focus. It also adds the Well-Fed buff to your character for around 32 segments (~8 hours of old Earth time) which is indicated with an icon next to your avatar. The buff speeds up your character’s regeneration rate. So, if you’re planning a very productive day, it’s a good idea to consume a ration!

Keep an eye on the tier

At the beginning of your journey this aspect is less important, but later you will reach higher tiers as you level-up your character (e.g. tier 2 starts at level 6). Most items also have tiers; consuming a ration of a lower tier than your character’s results in either a partial regeneration only, or no effect at all if the discrepancy is too high (e.g. if a tier 5 player consumes a tier 1 ration).

Where to get rations?

There are various sources of rations, such as trade with other Citizens, rewards from missions, or you may even find them while scavenging the Ruins. The most important source however is your daily allotted ration from the government. For all recently-active citizens, the Government will support you with a ration a day which can be picked-up from any station’s Gov’t Center.

For VIP members, the authorities will even keep uncollected rations in safe custody so you can collect them in bulk when you next visit (up to 30 days’ worth as a maximum). Non VIP citizens can collect a maximum of 1 per day.