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Area Tutorial


You had best only be a visitor at the Brig, because this is where criminals do hard time. The guards are greedy, and bribery can be used for several purposes: get yourself or a friend released early, or pay to increase the duration of time your enemies spend locked up! The Brig is where you are sent after you commit a crime, such as making false security reports or starting a bar fight. Why anyone would want to do that, you say? Well sometimes, in order to get things done and climb their career ladder, one must commit a crime or might have to do something the station's authorities see as a crime. In a post-apocalyptic world, nearly everyone with the will to survive can find themselves in conflict with the authorities once in a while. Depending on multiple factors, you will have to stay a certain amount of time in the Brig to serve your sentence. Those factors are: the gravity of your crime, the Law level, and the Orwellian level of the station. So do your best to not get caught!