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TYPOS: COBRA Effect/One Life on Earth

COBRA Effect

  • Talking to The Sarge "...via your CORETECHS unil a number of options..." unil -> until

One Life on Little Earth

  • Cloning Vats (introduction) - "...eligible string of graffiti" eligible -> illegible
  • Ruins - waver (person who waves) -> waiver (document of release from obligation)
  • Ruins - "local's opinions" -> "locals' opinions" (assuming it's more than one over-opinionated local)
  • Security - Brother Rufus says "He accosted me ... arrest him now" (wrong pronouns referring to my female character, but excusable due to the concussion I gave le Frère when I tackled him in the Port)

Also in the introduction at the Cloning Vats, is a reference to a typewriter with "circular leavers". I see that leavers is an obsolete spelling of levers, a word which can be pronounced with either short or long "e" depending on where you live on Old Earth and which can move the world if it is long enough and there exists a place to stand.


  1. Thank you so much! We'll have a look at it.

  2. Cheers, StarGazer. Here's a couple more while you're digging around.

    Curtain Call

    Theatre: Frazer Dale speaking

    • "one of the finest actor's you'll ever..." => remove apostrophe in actors, not possessive

    Paper Trail

    Gov't Center: Agent Cruise speaking

    • "under significant time restraint" => probably should be "time constraint"
    • "anywhere you should should start" => duplication of "should"
  3. Thanks! I shared your findings with our narrative team-