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as you didn't cancel the mission yet, can you please share the mission step/goal you're stuck at, please?

Open the CHRONICLE section of your CORETECHS:

  • Under Current Chronicle, you'll find the current state of the active mission.
  • Please let me know what the last goal/step tells you.

This will help me to double check the step with our narrative team.



  1. I figured it out. Usually with missions it's "Go to specific location and talk to specific person. this one was a little different because it was telling me to "ask around about somebody who went missing." and I was like "Ask who, and where are they?|" so it occured to me that might have meant "wander about and poke everyone you possibly can." It took a bit but I found the dude I was supposed to ask and it went ok from there.

  2. Thanks for sharing the details with us.

    Sometimes it is about searching, you are right, but there is an indication of a mission giver being around on the people tab (the same icon you see in the ventures box on the lower right in case you play the desktop version). Thus, you "just" need to check the places until you find the area with the according icon.

    Are you playing on Desktop or mobile (as mobile UI will be updated as our next step in summer)?

    In our blog we shared a summary about the current & future dev roadmap.