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Please do not release a new UI untill it has been properly tested!


While I appreciate all the hard work and hours developers put in to this game by regurarly updating it, sometimes I really get frustrated with all the bugs this game has, and it only seems to get worse with every other update... It feels like everyone is in a rush to release the next version, and then release it without doing some proper testing first!

Just to name a few of my frustrations this latest update has brought to me:

  • Our syndicate has fought very long and hard to finally be able to unlock our private syndicate forum, only to find out when we finally tried to create our forum, we ended up on the 'are you lost?' page.
  • The new layout doesn't scale too well on a standard 1920x1080 computer display, and it is a complete disaster on a mobile phone.
  • I have lost so much money and credits trying to travel, because the link that tells you where you need to be when you flight departs, apparantly doesnt take you where it should take you and has you trying over and over again.

There's many more bugs I have encountered, but really it's too long of a list to list them all. I'm sorry for the critiscism, but people expect improvements with a new update, and are not looking for a substantial downgrade...

I really hope all current bugs gets fixed asap, or we revert back to the older version, because I am getting pretty close on giving up on this game altogether...


  1. Hi,

    thanks for your honest feedback and I hope you'll stay and give us the chance to apply further improvements as we now update the game again every week. We always test new versions, but the first big update we did in March again that contained the vast UI overhaul was of course a massive one. Please note that there are many constellations of browser versions, resolutions, etc. and we're never able to cover in tests the entire scope of what many many players will have at the end. But of course, we always want to release a good quality and provide a nice user experience.

    It will help us a lot if you can share more details about the bugs you encountered, like the syndicate forums issue. I will make sure to share it with the team in case you don't want to use the bug report function:

    The UI issue with the need to scroll for some players is known. We'll update our Discord server soon and will add a list of known issues. I hope this will improve the transparency that you'll know about what (major issues) we're aware of. This list will also contain workarounds like using the full-screen mode (F11) and scaling the window to 90% (for the UI scaling issue you mentioned).

    Today, we'll update the game again. I hope you'll have the time to join the team call that will take place this week on Thursday. We'll announce the starting time soon.

    Cheers! StarGazer

  2. Hello,

    I understand that creating a layout for every possible screen resolution or browser out there would be a major task if not impossible. However the layout of a web-based game should feel natural in the most common browser(s) and screen resolution(s) and on a mobile phone. Also, having to use a vertical scrollbar isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is when the 2 most important menu's used to navigate the game are at the top and bottom of a webpage. Those menu's should be either fixed in place, converted into sidebar-menu's or adjusted to the most common screen resolutions.

    As for the bugs that I've encountered over the past few weeks, I'll try to recreate the circumstances, take several screenshots, and make a seperate bug report for each and every one of them.

  3. Thanks for your reply and thanks for creating the bug report.

    The team is working on a fix for the forum issue and will create one that you don't have to wait further.


  4. Regarding your second issue report about the task messages: We'll also work on a fix for that display issue. ETA is currently expected to be the next update (next week) already.