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H.Y.T.T.I.O.A.O.A. typos/bugs [SPOILERS]

C.M.O.T. Dribbler, Market:

  • Opening mission description: "Can you help prevent a massive system's failure?" (should be "systems" or "system" with no apostrophe either way)
  • "...a small man who, for some bizzare reason..." (should be "bizarre")
  • The small man is identified as "Billy Washbreeze" on one path, but as "Regus Copperpot" on the other. "Regus Copperpot" is the name of the NPC in the "People" tab, so it's probably the right one.


  • After the new goal "Attend the Water Caller meeting at the Science Fair (Government Center) on Heinlein Stronghold," the only visible option is "Do not get further involved." This is misleading, because if you don't click it then you can continue the mission by going to the Government Center.

Government Center:

  • Sometimes "Attend the Water Caller meeting" is the only option; sometimes you can also choose "Do not get further involved."
  • If you saved Washbreeze, you always see "Listen to the Scientist Schismatics talking via the Water Caller." If you don't save Copperpot, sometimes you are instead given the option to "Look at Aby Stander," and that NPC has the option to "Ask a bystander what's going on." Other times you get only the usual "Listen" option, and Aby Stander has no option to interact.
  • " simply needs to wait and grokk." (should be "grok" with one K)
  • After "One particular scientist seems to be staying quite silent throughout the proceedings," the only option is "Do not get further involved." This terminates the mission.


  1. Thank you, I will create a ticket for the team.