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new changes

First of all, I understand change is sometimes hard for people to accept. That being said there are a few things about the interface upgrade that are issues.

First, when purchasing a ticket to a new gate, it isn't apparent the ticket has been purchased.

Second, the screen doesn't scale to my computers display. This means I have to scroll to see the X to exit a particular screen.

I have to scroll down to see the "areas" option to access other areas. Most of the other stuff is just a matter of learning the new interface.

Thanks, Elkhorn


  1. Thanks for your feedback.

    Regarding the ticket purchase feedback: Can you share a screenshot with me (e.g. on Discord), I will check it with our team, it might be a known issue as the team is still working on implementing some changes.

    We are aware about the current scaling issue.

    The good news is: we'll have frequent game updates now again :)


  2. Until the scaling issue is resolved, you can put your web browser into full screen mode with F11. The "Areas" menu could nevertheless be moved away from the bottom.

    In my opinion it's also inconvenient that the inventory is now tabbed. When I repair items I always have to switch between "Equipped" and "Inventory". Could the dialog that appears when you start to repair an item be replaced by one of these new information boxes that automatically disappear?

  3. You're right about the workaround to switch to full screen mode with F11, yes.

    Regarding the inventory/repairing, I can note it down and ask.