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Ask for some help for novices

I am a Chinese who started playing this game nearly two years ago, but have not played taustation for a long time. Now I have all of my attributes around 15.00 and the deposit is only 40k. I wonder what the main thing a novice like me, who is still carrying around in TAU, should do to improve the game because I have forgotten all about it before


  1. First of all, welcome back! :)

    As a suggestion, you could:

    • go through your Coretechs and see (again) your Archive and Resource Hub;
    • check the "Quick Start" from both the Tau Station Player's Guide and Tau Station Wiki, and always keep returning as needed;
    • it could be very interesting to check the Guide's Timeline for an overview of all the changes, and that you can see with further detail in the Tau Station Blog (notice that every post has its own tag, so it might be easy to filter what you want to see first. In this case it could be the "changelog".

    I hope it helps.

  2. These suggestions are very helpful to me, I will do as you said .Thank you very much