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[Typo] One Egg, Two Yolks ... three typos ;)

Today I enjoyed playing the new mission "One Egg, Two Yolks: A Reclamation Revelation" on Bordeaux. Another nice story with a nice twist! The typos don't spoil anything, so this is more out of habit....

  • In the Government Center, when informing Melanie about the discoveries found in the archive, she refers to the station as "Bodreaux".
  • In the Ruins I came across "a squat building with a flickering holosybol indicating a medical facility". I guess it was a holosymbol, at least before the building was dilapidated and broken?
  • In the last scene in the Inn, I find "Melanie once more sat at the booth you had satin previously." I guess there should be a blank: "sat in"?
  • Three sentences later, Melanie "flicks her fingers and your direction. " I guess she flicked her fingers in my direction?