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Sirius: Logical question

As I understand it:

  • There is a new private ship available for purchase.
  • This new ship is available only in Sirius.
  • Sirius, being a Freebooter system, has no public interstellar shuttle.
  • Therefore, players must fly their own private ships to Sirius.
  • There is also no way to get to or from any station in Sirius other than flying a private ship.
  • Therefore, upon purchasing the new ship, players will necessarily have two ships at the same station.
  • Players cannot fly more than one ship at a time.
  • Due to the lack of public transportation, there is no way to fly one ship away and then return for the second ship.
  • Therefore, the only way to acquire the new ship is to abandon another ship in Sirius permanently.

Is this intended?


  1. There's travel by bonds.

  2. True, although up until now travel with Bonds has been established as a convenience only, not a virtual necessity. I'm still curious whether this is intended.

  3. Freebooter stations have always had different rules. They are refusing any agreement with the consortium or the gaule. Therefore they cannot share the same infrastructure.

    They also believe that only the strongest of them should survive, and therefore they are not too keen on spending money to build infrastructure just to cater to the poorest of us.

    There is a beginning of a shift of philosophy, and when they are still refusing to invest in public health or transportation, we have been told that a cloning vat has open on Sirius.

    Maybe there is a market here for some of us. Maybe it’s time to consider buying and selling ships outside Sirius.

    It’s not a one-person job, for sure but maybe together we can build a fairer society.