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[Suggestion] The Stargazer Day

The last blog post brought to the community the news of StarGazer's new flight direction – someone that with his character and presence left a positive mark on all of us regarding of genotype, syndicate, or gaming style.

Given that, I hereby would like to make the baseline suggestion to add to the cycle's ephemerides (events) one day that represents StarGazer.

StarGazer «joined Tau Station at 194.98/00:000 GCT» and the last post was 207.64. That means that the 98th or the 64th are the options. Personally, I tend to celebrate the positive side, which is consistent with his character, meaning that the former would be my natural pick.

Core concept: at the 98th we celebrate "The Stargazer day". A day that represents the importance that gazing at the stars have been to humanity, since The Before with all its History, through this Post-Catastrophe Era, and into the new recycle that is about to happen (as a time to celebrate life and hope).

Any suggestions and opinions are very welcome.

«Cheerio» (StarGazer).


  1. Wholeheartedly agree with this brilliant idea.

  2. Love the idea, and agree that it would be more appropriate to celebrate Stargazer's arrival day, but because that's just two days before New Cycle Day my instinct might be to use the 64th just to increase the space between holidays.

    Hmm. Wonder when MrVoidKnight first arrived?

  3. Not to mention more time to implement it Shadow.

    In the immortal words of Toecutter - "Remember him when you look at the night sky".

  4. Looking at the Stars now and imagining where Stargazer is looking, too. But for the moon, there would be more to see, although Orion is shining brightly! I really like this idea.

  5. I love the idea.

    I will talk with him and let him choose the date he prefers, and I will ask the narrative team to come up with something that will allow people, who did not know him, to feel the love he has shared with us for so long. Vive Stargazer !