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Do you have ONE special question for Leila about Tau Station? - Share it today (cycle 207, day 20)

Dear Citizens,

our Admiral Leila wants to answer your questions. Is there something you always wanted to know about Tau Station?

If so, please share your question (one per Citizen) either here on in the temporary Discord channel I just created. I will compile everything tomorrow, day 21.

Thank you in advance! Cheerio!


  1. When can we expect Achievements to be implemented in the game?

    It would definitely add a fun new layer to the game. It would also give all of us something else to do, especially for the T5 players who have done pretty much everything they can do in the game right now. Maybe it can also add incentives for more people to engage and be active in Chat. :D

  2. Thanks, as we didn't start with the blog, I added your question to the list.

    If anybody else has a question, do not hesitate to share it here (like you've been doing on Discord) - in case we didn't start with the blog, I'm happy to add further "late" questions.