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A question regarding personal archives

Originally posted by Bob-Simpson at 207.05/00:403 GCT:

I rarely delete PMs, notifications, transaction records or shipping records.
I have enjoyed being able to look back a considerable amount of time and observe what transpired.
Does this info-hoarding affect the performance of the game?
If so, will there be a limit (Currently I have not observed such a limit) as to how long we can keep records there?
If such a limit comes to be, will we be notified of the pending deletion or will the record simply vanish into the cold oblivion of space?

I do this too, so I am also interested in the answer.


  1. Does this info-hoarding affect the performance of the game?

    No. Any system architect, database admin, developer or devops person worth even a modicum of their salt should know enough to separate this kind of data from the core game data. This usually means the use of separate tables for mails, notifications, etc., which only need to be queried when you explicitly look at the list of these things, or at single entries.

    As to the rest of your questions, that really is up for the developers to decide and answer. At the moment I see no need to limit the retention, but with more players there might come a time when thinking about handling old data does become necessary.

  2. I'll poke the team and ask :)