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[Bounty] Where in the universe is Xierumeng?

To make the Tau Station universe a bit more interesting, I am pleased to announce the new hide-and-seek bounty, placed on Xierumeng!

The reward will start at 90000 credits. Every subsequent reward will be 9000 credits less (so 2nd is 81K, 3rd is 72K, etc.).

  • Current reward level is 81000 credits.



Last updated: 206.06.

  • (206.06) Individuals who make a successful attack on Xierumeng (a notification) will collect the reward.

  • (206.06) Individuals cannot collect multiple rewards (so you can't just attack, flee, attack again, etc. to collect it all).

  • (206.06) The bounty will start on 206.07/00:000, and end when all rewards have been collected or earlier at Xierumeng's discretion but not before the first reward has been collected.

  • (208.02) Individuals who successfully send Xierumeng to sick bay or clone vats may keep whatever winnings they steal (my wallet fluctuates between 0 and 100K depending on when I refuel).

  • (206.06) Individuals who attack Xierumeng may be attacked once in retaliation.

  • (206.06) By default, the reward is in credits, to be paid out over the public market, but the individual may request items (e.g. VIP, rations) in lieu of credits (subject to availability and market rates).

  • (206.06) Details and coordination of the reward with Xierumeng and the individual will be done through Tau Station email.

  • (206.06) This bounty is not affiliated with any syndicate (you may attack me freely without fear of syndicate retaliation, and my fellow syndicate members may also attack me freely).

  • (206.06) These terms may be updated by Xierumeng without warning (for cases where clarification is required), to be recorded in the changelogs below.

Happy hunting!




  • Initial post.


  • Wallet contents.
  • Current reward level.


  • 90K claim.