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[typos] Mission: "The Bad Egg" (SPOILERS)

Vilhelm (Employment): "...I'd happily contract the most villanous freebooter..." (should be "villainous")

Employment: "...the client's family was involved in organised crime... a long standing feud with a rival organisation... the last observed scenario involved one of the families of the rival organisation fleeing an attack in space..." (you've mentioned a preference for US spelling over UK spelling; if so, should be "organized" and "organization")

The Client (Employment): "I can see that you are, as Mister Vilhelm postulated, quite the canny freelancer!" (shouldn't that be "Ser"?)

"...a misguided attempt to add dramatic flare to our conversation." (should be "flair")

Iwo (Port): "Orange dog... did you mean a fox? As in, the Interpid Fox?" (should be "Intrepid")

Avital (Inn): "...she resists, insisiting everything is fine." (should be "insisting")

Logical inconsistencies:

  • I well (and fondly) remember "The Beast of Bordeaux," in which neither I nor anyone else seems to know what the heck a "dog" is. In this Level 1 mission, though, both I and Iwo seem to know all about it.
  • If I search the Ruins myself, without first consulting Iwo, or if I sent Iwo the picture so he never mentions the ship's name, I still somehow magically know that the ship is called the Intrepid Fox.
  • "You upload the data and carefully make your way out of the ship, dialing the Client on the way out." Presumably a CORETECHS has no rotary dial. Surely such an archaic term is no longer in use?
  • I am surprised that using the DNA sequencer in the Cloning Vats doesn't require an Intelligence check.


  1. Created a ticket! Thank you Shadow. :-)