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[bug?] [SPOILERS] The Bad Egg: A Reclamation Story

Note: Being a bit vague to reduce spoilers.

At the end of "The Bad Egg: A Reclamation Story" I made a choice which caused Avital to throw the egg out the air lock. Then somehow I received the egg as a mission reward. Not that I'm complaining, but It seems that I should only receive this reward if I made the choice which did not send the egg out the air lock.


  1. Thank you, I assigned a ticket to the author of that mission.


  2. The text says: "', a small memento of our adventure perhaps!' ... She also lifts up one of the eggs from before, slightly cracked but pieced back together, and hands it to you." It's not the egg she tossed into space, but one of the others.

    Unless, of course, this isn't what it used to say and they've already fixed it...

  3. Maybe... but the description says "This particular one was rigged to explode!" so it seems like it is meant to be the same egg.

    Perhaps there should be two rewards, one is a defunct bomb, the other just a standard one rebuilt.

  4. Ah, I was looking only at the Mission text, not the item description!