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[bug] Combat log window shows wrong info before first attack in LFT


When I look for trouble (LFT) in The Wrecks, and find someone, and approach them with malicious intent, the log window on the left part of the combat screen shows some wrong info before I actually do the first hit. It says

You attacked so-and-so

whereas I have just approached so-and-so and am on the verge of attacking. The message at the bottom of the screen has it right:

You are approaching so-and-so

This problem might also exist for "Enter the sewers". I couldn't verify it myself due to being on cooldown. Here is a visual representation of the whole thing:


When I do syncams in The Wilds, however, the log window is empty before the first attack. As it should be, because no action has been performed yet.


  1. Thanks, Perleone.

    I created a ticket for the team. Good catch!