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[bug] Item Management gives false warning when sending items


I am using Item Management to send some items from station A to station B, both are NOT Daedalus. All of a sudden I get the following warning message:

Attention, Citizen! Logs indicate your locker on Daedalus might not have sufficient space. Temporary excess slots are charged at 6.00 credits per slot on delivery, and are non-refundable.


This is wrong, since Daedalus is neither source nor destination. It is merely the station that is listed first in the list of possible destinations. "Logs indicate" probably just means the number of items currently in transit, without regard for their destination.

My locker on Daedalus is a small one (50 slots), but completely empty. My locker on the actual destination (station B) is a large one (500 slots), with at least 200 free slots.


When counting the items currently in transit in preparation for the warning above, they should be grouped by their destination. The per station warning should only be shown if the number of items in transit to that station exceeds its open slots.


  1. Hello hello hello! Thanks a lot, just reported it to the team! have a nice and see you tomorrow for another bug report! B-)