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*Hecate has entered your spaceship*



Heya, fellow players!

Allow me to introduce myself: you can call me Hecate. I am a Patrician- uhm, I mean French girl, who recently joined the Tau Station journey and team.

As such, I will mostly be helping the well-known StarGazer in regard to communication and businessy things, until the completion of my internship in the end of August. However, you will definitely still see me afterwards as, probably like you, I fell in love with the unique Tau Station universe – games being, along with literature, one of my favorite leisure activities. So... a narrative MMORPG? Count me in! :-)

The Tau Station community seems to be wonderfully dynamic, and I’m excited to chat with you all.



  1. YAY! Great having you here!

    We have an awesome Community in Tau Station, looking forward to working with you.

    And to our beloved Citizens: give Hecate a warm welcome on board!


  2. A warm welcome to this glorious game, its caring community and its magnificent makers!


    If that were handwritten, I'd be going "Bisons? Why bisons?" and desperately trying to find a connection.

  3. Funny thing is: bisons means buffalos in French! I would have loved to see the confusion.

  4. This reply came late, but I'm nonetheless pleased to meet you. I hope you enjoy what the game and community have to offer!

  5. I already very much do! Thank you :-)

  6. Welcome :)

  7. Thanks!!!

  8. Glad to have you here. Hopefully you get to sit in on a citizens council meeting where I pound vodka and end up going shirtless.

  9. Thank you :-) These citizens council meetings definitely seem interesting!

  10. Welcome!