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[Typo] [Suggestion] Consistent paragraph in successful career task result

This may not be considered a typo, depending on how one sees it, but a typo suggestion – and it has been around for a long time.

I'm suggesting that it should be consistently used a paragraph to visually separate the outcome of a successful career task.

After attempting a career task, the result dialog box shows a small message, that in the successful ones is followed by the amount of credits, genotype bonus (when applied), and enhancer bonus (when applied), as in the following example:

«You read Meditations on one of the hotel's slates. There is much for your Harsene intellect to ponder. You read a book: Intelligence +0.329 (genotype bonus: 5%) (=0.219 + 50% CORETECHS Learning Enhancer bonus).»

So, failed tasks have a single message, that are visually a single paragraph. Such as the following example:

«Task failed: You were made and needed to abandon your target.»

On the other hand, most successful tasks have an extra paragraph with the result. Such as the following example:

«You stood watchful guard over the high profile guest from the shadows and, when danger presented itself in the form of a group of thugs, kept them out of harm's way.

258.00 credits were added to your bank account.»

What happens is that some successful career tasks don't have this paragraph, making it visually harder or misleading to understand if it was or not successful. As in:

«A brilliantly innovative rival sparked your jealousy. You executed a clever sabotage of their latest experiment. 630.00 credits were added to your wallet.»

«You were able to use the few spare moments you found a high ranking official's office empty in order to bug it. 342.00 credits were added to your wallet.»

«You approached the target stealthily and quietly eliminated them. You were gone before anyone noticed. 199.80 credits were added to your wallet.»

Therefore, as mentioned, I would like to suggest that this visually separation is consistent through the use of a paragraph, as in most successful messages.


  1. Thank you, I shared it via ticket with the team. Maybe it will be resolved anyway soon with further work on messages, but the information has been shared now.