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SoB mission with Nang and Ah-Po . . .

I just started this mission, although I don't stay on much or for long. It is compelling and draws interest. So far, it looks to be well crafted. I see it as an improvement over missions I have run before.
The name of the grandfather sounded familiar, and I remembered as I looked it up.
Grandmaster Ah-Po, of Ah Po Tang Soo Do, has been in the martial arts for over 70 years and has a Dojo in California. I was quite pleased to see a reference like that.


  1. There are a lot of references like that, not even counting the numerous references to various science-fiction franchises. Whenever I don't recognize a name, it very frequently turns out to be significant in some way. I was not previously familiar with French chemist Henri Moissan, for example, or the ship-breaking yard in Gadani, Pakistan. (Still haven't figured out Vaccaro-Ibrahim, although the latter may refer to famous Sudanese genetecist Muntaser Ibrahim.) It's one of my favorite narrative features.

  2. Oh, I certainly agree. I think it is one that should continue in practice wherever and whenever possible. I also like the idea of both subtle and overt references. It adds to the notion that this would be a credible, albeit disjointed and dystopian, storyline for a post cataclysmic future scenario.
    The VIP issue shows a whimsical ability to carry this out even in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.