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[Typo] Mission Bond Villain and related

  • Is this new use of semicolons as intended? As in the following examples (there are more):

«You nod; your own CORETECHS shows the same message.»

«Check Mesh nodes for more of these things. You find something; you let me know.»

«Further still, in the Wilds; the low thrum of an energy weapon in use. But also, nearby, something oddly joyful; the boisterous cackle of a playing child.»

«Blue team; suit up and getcha breathers on! AAARGH!»

  • Strange hyphens. As in the following examples (there are more):

«Like a-- res-in. All the power connections are fine. That's why we didn't get the ala--rm when they went offline... But they've been blinded by some-ing. And th- Mesh nodes are play-ing up too. Th-- signal is disrupted here...»

«Some-thing's up, for sure-- Keep - look-ing.»

«Curios and curioser! Hmm-- Still online. Tough little cookie. Next. What's next?»

«[...] in the wilds we are free-- [...]»


«Aaaargh! Ouchy--»

«Oh no- Protectorate sabotage detected! BOMB ALERT!!»

  • Inconsistent NPC names

This is another topic, but precisely shown during this mission (can be another post if needed).

At the Security of Tau Station, in the People tab, the NPC name is Vollmer but it's page is Captain Vollmer. The same happens with other NPC's titles such as Prof. or Dr.

Furthermore, during this mission, when Vollmer shows up at the Ruins of Tau Station: 1) he shows up as Cpt. Vollmer; 2) has a different NPC page, as Cpt. Vollmer; and 3) the description is different from the Vollmer/Captain Vollmer page.

And further still, in this Cpt. Vollmer page (just for the mission), he shows up as having no gear, although in the description says that he «[...] wears his field uniform, complete with weapons belt [...]», and in the previous mission step, right before leaving Security and going to the Ruins, «Vollmer puts on his field belt, complete with both short and ranged weapons.»