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Has anybody figured out the campaign leaderboard damage column?

During the last syncam I deliberately made just one single hit clocking in at 8.2% stat reduction on the opponent, then fled. Predictably, I came last in the leaderboard. But why does it say "2%" damage when I know for sure that it was 8.2%?

Is this some weird space-math I am not privy to?


  1. I have some edge-case data (go solo syndicates!), but can't make any sense of it either:

    • Solo easy campaign (10 baddies), long ago with lots of resting (so extra rejuvenation for the bad guys): 690%

    • Solo hard campaign (40 baddies), recent with very little resting (so minimal rejuvenation for the bad guys): 1964%

  2. Conjecture: "Damage" is damage sustained, i.e., contribution to the fight in their own blood.

  3. Never got this too. And I would very much like to get it.