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[Typo] A System Shock Mission

Inconsistent use of suspension points, as in the following examples (could be more):

«I don't know you at all, ser. I certainly don't know you well enough to ... this is pointless. I'm going to lose my job, my life...everything. I can't think straight...»

«This doesn't ... it isn't something anyone can help me with. There isn't any hope.»

«If you have it in you to question what I know to be inflicting me...then why would I even try to speak with you? You're not from Taungoo Station, I take it?»

Final sentence should finish with a question mark (with correct writing of suspension points):

«I want to help you Bao. I'm going to see this disused Mesh node for myself... It's at the Anima Foundation HQ, right? Can you tell me where.»


  1. Thank you!

    Ticket is in place for the narrative team.

  2. Thanks! The same happen in the "Freedom for the Press" mission (the only one I've played so far since this post).

    Should I open a thread for every mission?

  3. Yes please, makes it easier for us and this way there's no risk of overlooking an issue.