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T3 armor options

I have been looking at the T3 armor options, if my information is correct the following armors have the best protection:

  • Energy: Energy Vest: HWT Range (18.32)
  • Impact: Devil Skin (17.11)
  • Piering: Brig Warden's Stab Suit and Aurorahunter both (12.00)

At the same time the T3 weapon with the highest damage is doing piercing damage.

So i think players could us a T3 armor with better piercing protection.

Bit two edged actually if campaign opponents also get to use it :p

P.S. The best T2 armor vs piercing actually is better and the best T3 armor vs piercing: Freebooter Rave Suit (12.51)


  1. Thank you, I created a ticket for the team to have a look at it.