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[bug] FLY HARD: AN EMBERFEST TALE - No actions or choices to make.

I think I have found a bug.

I am at : Mission: FLY HARD: AN EMBERFEST TALE Mission Milestone: Find a way to get the tech out of the HWT building on Tau Station.

I selected all the options to be see what Jelena Starkiss thinks of them and now I have no further options to continue the story.

Abort seems to be the only available action. Can somebody please let me know if I can continue the story? Or can somebody please examine this bug and fix it. Thanks.


  1. Hi, the fastest way is to restart the mission.

    I will send you a private message in a sec...

  2. Okay. I confess I am not sure what to do. How do I restart the mission? Should I abort it?

  3. Yes, please.

    • Update: we sorted it out via private mails :)
  4. Thanks for your help.