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Mission NPC confusion on Fly Hard: An Emberfest Tale

Starkiss vs Stellarvic

The mission "Fly Hard: An Emberfest Tale" is started by the NPC Jelena Starkiss (the NPC page calls her "Captain Jelena Starkiss").

Within the first step after accepting the mission you are told that you recognize Captain Jelena Stellarvic from a previous encounter on Sol Jump Gate. This refers to the level 5 mission First Do No Harm, which centers around the NPC Jelena Stellarvic (the NPC page calls her "Captain Jelena Stellarvic"). Even the character description is identical, apart from the Starkiss paragraph describing her gear.

Why the sudden name change? Surely the days of americanizing a slavic sounding name are long gone by? Is it the same person? A clone gone name-rogue? Invader from another dimension? Time traveler from the future past? A finally activated KGB sleeper agent? Inquiring adventurers want to know.


  1. Spec: If a certain pirate with "fiery RED hair" whose name starts with "J" wants to change her (obviously) made up last name that always hints at the freedom of the stars, I'm not going to question her!

    Updated to be more in character and a bit less spoilery

  2. It's intentional, not a bug or typo. At the very beginning of the mission, you are told: "Oddly, her CORETECHS seems to be broadcasting a different handle this time around." (Presumably only if you've actually met her before, that is.)