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With a lot of serious penalties to benefits, I could get sorta behind this.

  • No XP (overall and career)
  • 10% of normal training stats on originating station where mission starts
  • No bonds (even if VIP)
  • 10% of salary
  • Maximum of 21 days.
  • Can't abort
  • Can't train intelligence

Otherwise, it's log in once every six months, and yay! Additionaly it penalizes active players and this would be a lot of implementation headaches in my opinion. While I don't PvP, you were correct, would totally break that mechanism in game.

Gonna have to go on the good idea, but not for this. I'll bring it up at next council meeting - I simply don't think it's feasible.



  1. As this is a bigger suggestion, I'd like Citizen Council to take over here :)

    That we can discuss it in our next (or one of our next) meetings.