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[Suggestion] Special missions of settable duration

There are some players who may be called away from this game, either due to other commitments or just wanting to take a break. Yet I have an idea that can boost their character's stats and give entitle them to a credit reward via special mission events.

From any spaceport, players can pick to serve on five different types of missions for a period of time of their choosing. The longer the mission, the greater the reward but this is really just for players who won't be able to play for a duration. The mission ideas are....

Mining - Serve aboard a mining vessel and travel to ore rich asteroids, working in the ore processing bays and hauling heavy cargo. Improves strength.

Military - Serve aboard a Consortium/Gaule patrol vessel, dealing with the constant threat of space piracy and protecting interstellar routes. Improves agility.

Engineering - Serve aboard one of many repair crews, spending long shifts repairing damaged systems or hull breaches of any unfortunate ships needing assistance. Improves stamina.

Research - Serve aboard a research vessel, conducting experiments on long lost technology and discovering the mysteries of human civilization before the collapse. Improves intelligence.

Diplomatic - Serve aboard a Consortium/Gaule emissary vessel, taking part in diplomatic missions to improve interstellar relations and alliances. Improves social.

Let me know what you think of this idea.


  1. basically an Idle Tau Station. Ambivalent towards this without further thought. Seems like it might break other mechanics at first glance.

  2. For the missions I suggest that a caution message be issued before taking part, as once the mission is accepted then the player can't perform any activities until the mission is over. Although the player will still earn credits from their career path based on their rank, along with the small daily stat increase, they cannot do any career tasks.

    One of the bonuses of this however is that since the player will be off-station, they'll be protected from PvP attacks until the mission is over; which could save them a few credits on costly extended stays in hotel rooms (especially if they are on higher level stations).

    This is not intended to be a reliable way of getting credits and stat increases, but just something for players who will be unable to find the time to play the game for a while.

  3. With a lot of serious penalties to benefits, I could get sorta behind this.

    • No XP (overall and career)
    • 10% of normal training stats on originating station where mission starts
    • No bonds (even if VIP)
    • 10% of salary
    • Maximum of 21 days.
    • Can't abort
    • Can't train intelligence

    Otherwise, it's log in once every six months, and yay! Additionaly it penalizes active players and this would be a lot of implementation headaches in my opinion. While I don't PvP, you were correct, would totally break that mechanism in game.

    Gonna have to go on the good idea, but not for this. I'll bring it up at next council meeting - I simply don't think it's feasible.


  4. As this is a bigger suggestion, I'd like Citizen Council to take over here :)

    That we can discuss it in our next (or one of our next) meetings.