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[Feedback] Career task button placement

Sometimes when I do a career task, the size of the button either shrinks or grows. I believe this is due to the task name being too long for the box and going on to a new line.

Because of this change in size, the placement of the buttons are not consistent, and it is very easy to misclick. I accidentally attempted an illegal task and was sent to the Brig.

I have a few ideas on how to resolve this problem:

  • Career task buttons always remain the same size.
  • Illegal and/or dangerous tasks have a confirmation before they are done.
  • Illegal and/or dangerous tasks can be hidden (either through the character settings page, employment, or in the task tab itself).




  1. ...and there is a userscript for the last option already.

  2. Thank you, I've put your findings into a ticket for our team.