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[typos] More from Fly Hard: An Emberfest Tale [SPOILERS]

Jelena Starkiss (Port): "Despite the maelstrom of chaotic activity overlayed with holiday cheer..." (should be "overlaid")

"...the expert fashion her manicured fingers dip into the guards pocket..." (missing "in which" or something like that; should be "guard's" with an apostrophe)

"You grin as you recognize Captain Jelena Stelarvic from a previous encounter on Sol Jump Gate..." (should be "Stellarvic" with two Ls)

" would not have to travel much farther from the roof to hit the ceiling of the station above it." (Story/logic flaw: According to our CORETECHS Archive, stations don't have roofs per se; they're generally cylindrical and rotating, with the station spread out all along the wall and a fusion tube as the central axis. "Start with an asteroid several kilometers across and hollow out the interior (it's unknown whether this was done by construction crews or robots). Once hollowed, seal it, spin it, fill it. The resulting station is like a small planet turned inside out. Generally a fusion tube runs through the axis of the station, providing both power and light." So if you were able to see far enough above you, you'd see the fusion tube; past that, you'd eventually see upside-down station on the opposite wall.)

Government Center: "...its logo illuminating the ceiling so high over the area." (same)

" clear the gap and land in someones dark and empty office." (should be "someone's" with an apostrophe)

"An area on the 47th floor is tagged as Research and Developed..." (should be "Development")

"...or some exciting combination therein." (should be "thereof")

"...attack drones, each fitter with various types of weaponry." (should be "fitted")

"Jelena is sitting next to you, in the pilots seat..." (should be "pilot's" with an apostrophe)

"The hatch above you hisses shut and Jelena pilot's the little craft down..." (should be "pilots" without an apostrophe)


  1. Thank you, ...the ticket is in place now as well :)