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Syndicate XP

Do we have an update on when syndicate XP will be fixed or is this the new normal?


  1. Hey, Nevah.

    Which issue do you mean in particular? I checked with devs and also had a look at the latest changelogs. End of November we fixed a malfunctional XP gain.

    Once our combat expert is online, I can check with him in detail again. Please let me know if that already answers your question or provide more insights for me, please.


  2. I think it is about the now glacial Syndicate XP progression. In the last two weeks we've done regular syndicate campaigns, performed career tasks, but our Syndicate XP has barely moved. This way we're gonna reach level 7 in about 10 cycles. Is that intentional?

    Also, we have absolutely no idea on what kind of activities we should focus in order to speed up our XP progression somewhat. If we knew that we could organize a concerted effort to increase our XP. I get that you like keeping us in the dark, but at some point the dark turns into darkness, which makes us turn away ...

  3. +1 That was exactly my point Perleone.