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[suggestion] Keep Chat window open

I think at leas one reason why the in-game chat is not used as much as it could/should be is that as soon as you take any action other than typing in chat, the window closes.

My main use for chat is during syndicate campaigns. If you are active in a campaign, then you will be doing many clicks (e.g. some opponents can take 25+ attacks to kill), so it is a pain to try and keep the chat window open during combat, and this is when it is the most useful, to provide coordination and communications with fellow syndicate members.

So my request is that If I open the chat window, that should be remembered between clicks and the window stay open until I close it. (even better might be an option to allow the user to specify the behaviour - stay open, or close after an action)


  1. Waaaaay back in the dawn of time, the chat window operated as you suggest. It also had only one channel. And it had timestamps, which did not work. When chat was revamped, the timestamps were removed and the window closed automatically on reload. I know this has been brought up before, but I can't remember whether the devs said (1) they're working on it, (2) they'll get to it but chat is low priority, or (3) that's just the way it has to be, sorry.

    For the record, I wholeheartedly agree with Brovnik. Player interaction is what puts the (second) M in MMORPG. Out-of-game alternatives like Discord just aren't the same as interacting in-game. (Especially for people like me with ancient cr@ppy technology that fights with Discord and loses.)