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[Suggestion] Feedback on the planned personal trade system

As discussed with StarGazer, the new system would need to have an option for the seller to pay for the shipment in order to be useful for gifting (although it would be immense improvement for the personal trade).

Imagine a new player receiving an offer of a Pocket-Pincher for 0 credits, provided they would pay for shipment. They have no idea yet what Pocket-Pincher is and whether it's worth those 32.16 credits the giver is asking. The real-world template for such an offer would be an online scam/phishing, and the new players would have thus less incentive to accept such an offer.

To overcome the fact that the seller might be overpaying for the long-distance shipment, I would suggest an option for the seller to specify the maximum shipment price in credits that they would cover - and possibly even directly reserve/bill the seller this amount, returning back unused funds once the deal is closed. I'd be happy to offer e.g. a Pocket-Pincher with 40c shipping costs coverage, knowing that now it is between 31 and 36c from YZC to Sol.


  1. Thank you, I created a ticket. Let's see what the team thinks and can do (or not).

    Have a nice start into the week!