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[Feedback] campaign balancing

The TAU syndicate has finished an all-tiers extereme campaign with the intent to test the balancing introduced in the November 28 update.

In general, we had fun in the campaign, and the difficulty seems roughly comparable to those pre 2019-10-15. A more precise comparison is hard to do, mostly because some key players have reached a higher tier since then, changing stats averages and so on. Suffice to say that it was doable (with many of our participants being rather active), without being too easy. A big thanks for reinstating doable campaigns!

Many syndicate members also love the new wealth of Tier four and five equipment, and both me and others have spent significant amounts of credits on such new toys.

On the less-than-awesome side the new equipment is usually much more useful for campaigns than the epic items we spent so many campaigns obtaining, thus reducing the incentive to participate in campaigns. The only epic tier 5 item worth striving for seems to be the Magnus Burnshield, which hasn't dropped from campaigns for us since early April 2019, despite all other tier 5 armors dropping multiple times in the same period.

The new consumables don't seem to have much use in campaigns (which might or might not be intentional); stats matter much less in combat now, so boosting a stat 7% or even 15% (not available to Baseline genotype) doesn't seem to do much either.

The presence of new, awesome weapons of type Handgun have amplified the pain of handguns missing way too much in short-range combat, to the point where it's economical to switch to a different type of short-range weapon (blade or club) even if it doesn't target the one weakness in the opponent's armor.

(I'm not repeating here the known criticism of combat; I know staff is aware of them, and will address them in time).


  1. A few additional points (I concur with the points above).

    1. Combat is back to being constrained by Focus now. This has hopped back and forth between being constrained by stats (causing you to have to flee from combat) to being constrained by Focus (assuming reasonable stats, Master training and best choice of gear vs. opponent).
    2. I can "easily" take down high stat opponents now (with the caveats above) since damage is now related to equipment stats rather than attacker stats. The constraint is focus (so advantage to those with VIP and rations to expend. It still seems that opponents have an advantage in not having to worry about Focus. "easily" above meaning I can spend at most a couple of rations to refresh focus and take down an opponent, whereas before all of the combat changes I had no chance of taking down an opponent with much higher stats.
    3. There appear to be weird opponent weapon choices. Example : well into a combat, opponent switches back to long range weapon - why ? It seems to be new with the latest release. Is it due to damage to their weapon ?
    4. As @Moritz mentioned, handguns suck, so there isn't a reasonable short-range non-EPIC T4/5 piercing weapon available.
    5. The lack of information about both weapons prior to start of combat continues (only shows 1 weapon) to be an annoyance - is this lack of information intentional ? It reduces skill level in armour choice.
  2. For what it's worth, I've always assumed the inability to see a second weapon was intentional, to make combat slightly trickier. Remember, if you can do it to a Ruins Rat, then some psycho can do it to you in PvP!

  3. I find the fights still too hard. I can barely or at all kill an oponent of my tier and about half my stats, me being equiped with some of the best weapons. Also the stats of a person should play a more important role, in my opinion, as the person has invested much time and actions into those stats. or else nobody will go about training them at least if one has double the stats should be able to kill every time a person/npc with lower stats than him before runing out of focus.

  4. Thank you everyone, I will share your impressions and experience with the dev team!