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[typos] More from ''Solomon's Treasures'' (SPOILERS)

Criles Nane (Local Shuttles): "...while hologramatic screens over-head..." (should be "hologrammatic with two 'm's; also, "overhead" is one non-hyphenated word)

"The customs officer, who your CORTECHS identifies as Criles Nane..." (should be "whom")

Solomon Abdo (Lounge): "Wait, lucrativty?" (should be "lucrativity" with another 'i')

"...a little serendipity allowed me come across..." (missing "to")

"100's of cycles have passed..." (should be "100s" with no apostrophe, or better yet just "Hundreds")

Demosthenes: "You find a quiet corner where passersby won't overhear your conversation and ask him to see if he can find out any information on Solomon Abdo. [ΒΆ] Demosthenes answers your call with his usual jovial but long winded aplomb before finally settling down to listen to your request..." (as written, you're asking Demosthenes before you even call him)

"...he is no less eccentric a personality as the one you just asked him to look into." (should be "no less ... than" or "as ... as")

Bank: "An remnant of a cctv footage file..." (should be "A"; also, the acronym "CCTV" should be all capital letters)

Docks: "You pour over various public information sources..." (should be "pore")

Ruins: "The security squad move to surround you..." (should be "moves")

"...their commanding officer, who you recognize as Commander Cornelius Hawthorne..." (should be "whom")

Cornelius (Ruins): "I will, however, leave some men hear to ..." (should be "here")

"One female officer straps on some heavy machinery onto her back..." (should be either "on ... to" or just "onto" with no preceding "on")

Demosthenes: "...some state of the art signal boosting equipment, of which I have added some ingenious additions to myself." (no "of" needed; should be "to which" or at least "which ... to")

" least in as far as his existence goes." (should be "insofar")

"Security officer." (stray period in name)

"Occasionally, one of several officers with scanning devices call out a piece of information..." (should be "calls")

"Chrome surfaces tarnished with age dully reflect the light off the squads light beams, though you also note a number of officer's eyes glow with a night-vision enhancing upgrade..." (should be "squad's" with an apostrophe; should be "officers' eyes")

Cornelius: "Right, if this floor holds anything as valuable as what this 'Solomon' alleges to..." (should be either "alleges it to" or better yet just "alleges" with no "to")

"You try to ignore everyone;s impending death..." (should be "everyone's" with an apostrophe, not a semicolon)

"Commander Conrelius" (should be "Cornelius")

Cornelius: "...lets see if my theory stands true..." (should be "let's" with an apostrophe)

"All number of crates line the wall..." (should be "A"; should be "lines" or just "Crates line the wall...")

"Commander Hawthorne" (previously called "Commander Cornelius"; goes back and forth, should probably stay consistent)

Solomon: ""It would seem..." (stray quotation mark)

Cornelius: "There will be a very generous finders fee..." *should be "finder's" with an apostrophe)

"Solomon's virus has apparently ran its course..." (should be either "has apparently run" or "apparently ran")

"...a CORETECHS notification informs you that your finders fee has been received." (should be "finder's")


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