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Combat: Taking aim

I guess it is known that combat isn't my focus in this game, and I don't know whether this has already been suggested. But I have witnessed several players whining about missing too much in combat, and I have an idea how to amend this: The chance to hit should increase significantly with the time players spend to take aim, especially for long distance fights. So, if a player has taken all the courses and spends, say, 15 units or more to take aim, then missing should no longer happen. If, on the other hand, someone just fires at the first opportunity, then the outcome should indeed be random.

This idea is only feasible after the last update. Before that the response time in combat was several units in any case, but now you can shoot (or bludgeon) in rapid succession. The guards have lost their chance to stop long lasting fights, and I'd like to bring them back into the scene.

Focus consumption could be time-dependent as well, balanced so that about 100% focus are consumed at about the time when the guards are to be expected. This would allow longer fights by 500+-stats-old-timers in syndicate campaigns. Right now the fights are terminated by end of focus before either of the opponents takes significant damage.