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[typo/bugs] Solomon's Treasures (spoilers!)

  • Just after 'You have accepted the "Solomon's Treasures" mission.' the button to return to the shuttles says just "Return to", should say "Return to Local Shuttles".

  • In ruins when first finding building, both options are identical

URL of options (in case useful):

    You gingerly pick your route, doing your best to avoid the more unstable looking technological cadavers that litter the area and finally arrive at the squat building in question. A broken roof and jagged walls stand as testament to the harsh environment but you can also make out a dark staircase descending into the bowel of the building. Of more immediate interest, however, is the squad of BeDyne security that stand at the entrance, all their eyes fixed on your approach.

    Option 1: "Is there a problem officers?"
    Option 2: "Is there a problem officers?"

Would expect only one option or else differing options.


  1. Thank you, I shared your findings with our narrative team.


  2. I guess I took somewhat different route - in my case "Is there a problem, officers?" has been repeated 4 times.

  3. Thank you, I added it as a comment to the ticket.