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Pending Elections - My Q&A

If I am elected to serve with the Council, I will need to arrive there with your questions and concerns in hand.
I hope and expect that Ser Moritz or Ser Dotsent will be there, and I know that there are other very capable councilors. I won't be alone, so you don't have to worry about me pushing the launch button thinking it says lunch. If there are chickens, I may be a bit distracted, but I will get on task.
I arrived in this game with full expectation that some junk-food junkie who lives in his grandmother's basement with an inexhaustible source of someone else's money would thoroughly dominate all aspects of the game and that a typical uninvolved, uncaring staff would smugly ignore all comments, suggestions and concerns, as that is what I have encountered in so many other games.

That is not what I found here.

Instead I found players who care and devs who care, working hand-in-hand to move the game forward and make it more enjoyable, and from what I know this is a much deeper, more intriguing, more challenging game than most players imagine so far.
The developers tend to chat or even video-conference with players to address their concerns and share their plans. They update regularly. They roll out exciting new features and work on old ones with an impressive pace.
More than anything else, they are accessible.
As I said in my campaign post, I hope to see the community of this game grow stronger and become even more welcoming for new players.
That said, I anticipate a lot of chances for us, as players, to have a voice in the direction of at least some of those changes. That has been a growing trend.
Although this is not supposed to be primarily a combat game, it has at times become one, and combat is an integral part of most games. I would be very interested in seeing the combat system change in some specific ways;
These are some of the things I would like to see, and I may edit to add more.
An additional damage type (some disagree on that)
More range categories (melee, short, medium, long, etc)
More reasonable damage structure (eg shotguns devastate at short range but are almost worthless at long range, knives and clubs and such could be thrown short distances, with accuracy and damage depending on skills and stats, etc)
Sick bay as an enhanced healing place (eg stats refresh much more quickly at a cost in credits or bonds)
Interactive NPCs who may attack you or offer you special deals
Griefers get both a better arena and a few restrictions, so they can enjoy the thrill of the hunt but can't stomp all over new or occasional players.
Traders get more trading options (some exciting hints had been offered at an "Elite" style trading system)
Crafting using items found in the wilds, including coffee beans
Shops to sell these crafts, including coffee,
Ships to carry cargo, including coffee (devs have hinted at cargo ships and bulk trading)
Ship combat options (devs have hinted at this also)
More reputation categories (fugitive, influential, etc)
More consequences, pleasant and otherwise, of reputation.
Options to provide medical or other services to other characters (player and NPC)
A medical career path focused more on sick bay and less on cloning
A university researcher career path
A military career path, with periodic obligatory missions and requirements for maintaining reputation
Station-localized chat rooms (not likely but I can dream)
Greenhouse/farming as an option
Coffee production
And the list goes on beyond my available time for the day.
Remember, if you place me on council, there are others with other ideas, and any or all of this may or may not see development consideration with staff members, so if I am scaring you, well. you can relax. I won't be able or willing to take the role of mad scientist like on the old Felix-the-Cat series.
Also, I would be looking for your own suggestions.
I'd like to hear from you and hope I can earn your vote.


  1. It's too bad you dislike coffee so much.

  2. If I had the possibility to vote, after this post you would have been one of my favorite candidate.