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Not getting Syndicate XP from Syndicate Campaigns?

I don't seem to be getting any Syndicate XP from syndicate campaign battles since the update on Wednesday. Is this a bug or is XP from those just greatly reduced (like less than a tenth of what it was)?


  1. Thank you, I created a ticket and will poke the dev to quickly check it.


  2. Hi,

    the team informed me that this is only a temporary removal, but it was needed. They've already been working on providing syndicate XP soon again by creating a different technical approach as the former one caused some issues. Furthermore, with the new solution, we are able to meet the needs of the recent combat changes.


  3. Ok, thanks for the update!

  4. Thanks for an update, StarGazer! In that case, I'd ask the dev team to consider granting the missing SynXP retroactively, once the system is fixed.

  5. I'll share it; but like I said: we also need to consider recent changes in the routines (speaking of balancing) ^^