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Feedback on the prologue mission

I've just done the mission Prologue: Fighting off the Pod Fog, and generally enjoyed it.

There are just some things around the start of the mission that don't make sense to me.


You wake in a clone pod, groggy and confused.


A dim orange glow washes over the Wayfarer Inn lobby

How did I get from the cloning vats to the Inn?

What's with Evangeline?

The mission starts when I click on the Evangeline NPC.

But why, when it actually starts with me waking up in a clone pod?

The first page of the misison mentions a woman, but to me it's not clear if that's the Evangeline that I clicked on earlier.


The Prologe mission happens after coretechs calibration (and we meet NPC Fellie again).

So, first I walk around, get my CORETECHS calibrated, and then I suddenly wake up in a clone pod? That doesn't sound right to me.

It makes sense for my tau station experience to start in the cloning vats, but if I wake up there after having completed a mission, I mussed have died. Why? Whaaaat?


  1. I see dead people.

  2. I still wonder whether CORETECHS Calibration is truly a prerequisite, and if not whether the intro mission text is different for those who have already met Fellie and those who haven't.