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Repeated text in mission Solomon's Treasures (mild spoilers)

In the mission Solomon's Treasures, there are, at one point, (at least) two options for the player:

  • What kind of treasures are we talking about?
  • Where are these treasures?

you can chose both if you click in this order, and each time, the first response from Solomon is

Hsssst! Keep your voice down do, Ser! This station is a veritable cornucopia of digital surfaces, each capable of running any number of recording or listening applications at any time! Every damnable table might hold the virtual ears of some nearby ne'er-do-well eh?

I don't think a man as eloquent as Solomon would repeat such a sentence in a conversation :-)


  1. How rude.

    I believe I need to have a talk with Solomon :-)

    Thank you for the feedback !

  2. The ticket for our narrative team is in place.