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Combat changes feedback: lack of difference between stats

Since the update has been rolled out, the remaining stat percentage seems to have lost any effect on combat. Prior to an update, hitting opponent's Str meant that they will deal less damage, Agi hits would decrease hit chance and Sta hits would increase the damage dealt to them. Now all of those effects are gone and I have a strong feeling that it makes combat much more dull than it was.

A suggestion I had (I think) somewhere in the depths of old "Ideas for combat" forum was to introduce a separate health bar that would deplete with each successful hit, but keep the effects of stats for occasional lucky hits against them. Currently the value and usefulness of all the stats is effectively one huge health bar divided in three parts, with no other effects.

This also means that the combat stims become much less attractive, since, again, they are now effectively "health potions" - and one doesn't have an incentive to specifically select one for the current combat situation, since they essentially do the same.


  1. ThanksĀ @dotsent. Stats should have an impact we are adding a test to check if there is a bug, or if the balancing needs to be adjusted.

    Regarding the stims, it will be like for the campaigns, in other words, balance against the new combat system. No point touching it until we are happy with the impact of our changes.



  2. Thanks for your response, @Leila - glad to hear that it wasn't planned! Looking forward to what next balancing rounds will bring :)