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Inconsistent item prices, and price ranges

The item detail page still shows a single value for an item.

Example: Predication

But when you have one in storage for example, and click on the item, it shows a price range

Btw, I don't find price ranges that start at 0 very useful. What does it mean for something to have a lower value of 0? That it's worthless? That somebody will offer me 0 credits for it? (I could, like, just drop it and save the hassle of going to vendors with it).

It's also not obvious what the higher value actually stands for. Is that the most I have to ever pay to acquire one? Or the most an NPC vendor will ever pay for this? If not, then what is it? (And if there's no simple answer to that, then I guess I'd prefer a single item price).


  1. Hey, moritz that's a very good catch.

    I double checked it with my account (as I reply a bit later than usual now), and created a ticket for the team.

    Thank you!