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[typo] side job København, ''Wreck it Iwo'' [SPOILERS]

Two tiny typographical errors:

  • Mission goal (Ruins): "Collect one final piece of salvage in the ruins of København. before returning to Iwo." (extraneous period)
  • Mission step (Ruins): "Search a safer looking derelict ship for salvage ." (extraneous space before period)

A few universe-consistency errors:

  • "We thank you for your visit and hope you will enjoy your last 6.7 remaining minutes of life." (should be "0.47 segments" or something like that)
  • "You can't help but feel the 6.7 minutes running out..." (same)
  • "After what seems like an eternity, but is presumably less than 6.7 minutes..." (same)
  • "...when you seem to be down to your best approximation of around 20 seconds left..." (should be "units")

And two logical errors:

  • First three goals are: "Salvage [5/4/3] Ship Parts from the derelict ship in the Wreckage." Then it skips to: "Collect one final piece of salvage in the ruins of København..." and, on turn-in: "You no longer have 4 'Ship Part'." Either there's a part missing, or those first three goals should be for [4/3/2] Ship Parts.
  • Iwo (Port): "Here's a little extra friend, call it hazard pay." But you receive no extra pay, just the 27.50 credits shown in Side Jobs.


  1. Thank you, I created a ticket for our narrative team