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Mission "Solomons Treasures": Typos and stuff

I've just played the new mission "Solomon's Treasures" , which was fun, and not even a waste of money with the new fuel prices. I find missions much more rewarding than the daily whac-a-ruins-rat... I'm not going to write a spoiler, but I can report some minor errors and inaccuracies.

  • A historical inaccuracy: In a previous mission I met Professor Chandrinos, an acquaintance I'm recalling in this mission. But in the same mission I've also run into Cornelius, only we both act as if we don't know each other.
  • A disorientation: At one point I've four options to chose from, all with the same text "Is there a problem officers?". The texts have different link targets, but since I only got to chose one I can't tell whether there are different paths behind the choices.
  • A typo: In one point in the ruins, the commander speaks as "Conrelius". -- Looking forward to more missions, Groat


  1. Thanks for your summary a kind words, I shared everything with our narrative team.

    Have a nice day!