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Update Feedback: Combat balance

Congrats to the awesome update!

After the update, I make muss less damage in combat than before. This annoys me slightly, but it's OK.

The things that is not OK is that I miss all the time.

With full stats, and having finished all available combat courses, and the best Tier 5 equipment that's out there (The Burke & Hare or Mudskipper for long range, Katana: Trailblazing Blazers for short range), I often miss 70% to 90% of all attacks).

This makes combat incredibly frustrating, and consumes way too much focus.

After this has been fixed, we'll need to talk about syndicate campaign balancing. Before the change, they were somewhat balanced, but right now, combat is waaaay more resource intensive; either that must change again, or campaigns need to consist of far fewer opponents.


  1. Listening and working on that :-)



  2. Hi, just want to add that I have the exact same problem. Look for Trouble and Sewers Campaigns are now virtually impossible. Stats many times more than the opponent, all relevant uni courses completed, better weapons + armour but still miss most attacks, especially at short range.