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1 week level 3, only 22 to climb to stat.en ilse.landownfalls juliacarryfished.her.jedhelloselenedey see.moor.bosner.normas.card.reads long distance blind ears eyes camp.pains stat versus stat training off world hip.hop.crow.tees


  1. What exactly is your question, please?

  2. questioning when i can finally join her world at the same time shes starting so its not continually catch up for word sorry about thats and nice to meet u have a good one good luck, with ever that happening, or an actual position like urselves while ur doing all this to me all at the same time, while i have to know why u said and did these things to me, all the while never being able to handle it done once, from one person, living condition versus living condition critique gossip liar show influence pedal cause u couldnt have me or create thebjuicy i did under societies fantasy monster pile. my questions still when can i have a chance, that u all stole away, continually rubbing my face in ur interference and cowardice. certainly not for this 1 night in over 2 weeks bathtub, theres no where else to spend ur vacations except directly beside me every momoment, no other motel room next door to touch me from 3 feet away, WHAT 7TH YEAR AM I ON DONT WORRY BOUT ME

  3. ill fetal position in the woods, so i can get voice and energy tresspassed all day n night, no rest ever, and meet u at ur best still forcing urselves every moment all over my strain, vulnerability nervous system threshold crisis for 10 years, exposed because of ur problems with urselves, INADEQUATECY, and oh well for honor, truth, your christianity orbpersonal space while u all que up to touch every place every moment so memory2.0 can haha and continue their open ended rejected excuse book to terrorise me and keep taking away any hope at happiness for me, cause ur not a part of it, living ur unintentional and coincedental best job evers, from the dark, attaching urselves where u never had a place, oh well for female intuition